3-8-14 Phuket, Thailand


First thing in the morning we had the opportunity to visit the kickboxing gym again. This time there were athletes training. It was cool to see how seriously the kids took their training but at the same time had fun joking around with each other. Each child either had a fight coming up or was being groomed to possibly fight soon. Either way the gym owner took it seriously and reminded them why they needed to push themselves a little harder.

A little after breakfast we had the chance to survey a land that was acquired by my uncle that he hoped to turn into a tiny hotel for tourism. We drove to the area which currently had a small community. The community was going to be turned into a resort town and my uncle was given the opportunity to develop one of the plots. It was about 2 Rai which is about 4 acres.

After lunch we visited Bang Na Waterfall and had a chance to visit Nayong Beach. Nayong beach was a national park where all the locals would visit. I didn’t see a lot of tourist and it was an awesome experience to be able to see where all the locals went. I also had the opportunity to meet my cousin for the first time who works at Coconut Island Village Resort. She spoke a little bit of English which is required for her job. She told us tomorrow she can provide us a night at the resort.



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