Nayong Beach 3-7-14


A durian tree that we saw on our hike.

A durian tree that we saw on our hike.

I wasn’t sure if I was a dying rooster or an old rooster trying his best to sound young again, but the morning alarm clock wasn’t the normal normal rooster call that you would normally hear on a farm. What actually woke me up were the random birds and what sounded to me like a monkey.

First thing this morning as a morning walk. We walked through a rubber tree farm and encountered some water buffaloes. They were calm and a little scared of us as we got closer. We passed by a stand to buy some fruits and my parents talked to the vendors about me. Apparently they didn’t know my mom was as older as she was and thought we were all friends. They also talked about how I’m an American and just touring around Thailand with them. There was also a kickboxing gym nearby and they were trying to recruit me to join. 

We made a stop at the local kickboxing gym which was on the walk back to our guest house. We walked inside and a neighbor of the gym told me that I should come by in the evening when they train to meet the gym owner and trainer. I felt flattered but realized that I probably wouldn’t be able to take a kick to the head, even with my pre-existing head injuries.

After the morning walk our itinerary included:

1: Finding a sim card for my phone.

2: Visiting the beach and various site seeing.

3: Trying the local vendors and bars.

4: Drinking and partying with my uncle (apparently he’s an old party animal).

5: And finally figuring out how to use the squatting toilets here without hurting myself.

Quite a few hours later:

I had a chance to experience all of the cool things Phuket had to offer but it’s not over. We’ll be here until Tuesday. We’ll take a bus to Chang Rai, Thailand where we’ll visit my step-dads parents. Until then we would enjoy a beach only the locals know about and visit the markets where fresh food was just part of the daily specials.

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