We spent the morning packing and cleaning, prepping for our day at the resort. As we drove up there we stopped by different stores to grab cheap food. My relatives didn’t want to spend a lot of money at the resort if we didn’t have to.

As we jumped on the boat to Coconut Island, I realized that this was something out of a story book. Everything that’s been going on right now seems too good to be true. I’m feeling extremely blessed and I’m having trouble wiping the smile off of my face. My mom noticed it and told me I’m cheesy and need to bring it down a notch.

Once we arrived on Coconut Island you’re immediately greeted with a staff member that grabs your luggage and takes you to your villa. Our staff member was actually my cousin who booked us the room. The private villa we booked had three bedroom with each bedroom containing two beds. Even meals from the menu all ranged under 10 dollars. The private infinity pool added such an experience that I thought only the rich enjoyed. There’s no way to really explain it except through pictures


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