Waffles Galore! – Review of Waffle Window – Portland, OR


waffle3For some reason when I see pancakes, the first phrase that comes out of my mouth is “meh, no thanks”. It’s not because they taste bad, have a weird texture, or that I even hate them. Heck, I think it’s un-American if you don’t eat pancakes once in awhile. The main reason why I usually past them up is because they’re just simply boring. That flat surface doesn’t even hold your syrup in place, it soaks up anything you put on top of it which makes it soggy and there’s always one pancake in the batch that I accidentally flip off griddle. That’s why waffles are such an efficient choice.

Waffles are in many ways functional in terms of structure and taste. To be honest I haven’t had a bad made-from-scratch waffle yet. Each little square indent has the capacity to fill your mouth with syrupy goodness and most of the time carry the right proportion of syrup to waffle ratio (I have a weird thing with ratios and food). I’m fine with just a waffle and a little bit of syrup but I would never say no when an establishment offers a bunch of toppings. The Waffle Window in Portland, offers a vast assortment of waffle toppings.



I ordered a waffle with bacon (of course) that had basil and a peach chutney and I finished everything on the plate. It was the tastiest dish I had in awhile that involved a waffle and bacon. It’s one of those dishes that you’ll be dreaming about for weeks. I would definitely recommend this place if it’s sunny outside. Even if it’s not sunny you should probably visit the restaurant.

You can find The Waffle Window on 3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR 97214.97214

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