Multonomah Whiskey Library



Have you ever walked into a library and the person at the counter behind the front door immediately greeted you with a genuinely welcoming smile? Have you ever even looked forward to going to a library? I did and so I went.

Multonomah Whiskey Library was probably the only bar I’ve been to where the waitress had so much knowledge behind every whiskey that it sounded like a story. Even the Old Fashion complemented the whiskey more than balance out the palate. To some this may not be something that entices them but for a guy who loves every note that a whiskey has to offer, the taste was out of this world.20140507-012604.jpg

This is a place you should definitely visit whenever you’re in Portland, that’s if you can find it. If you can find it make sure you plan to dine somewhere else first because the wait is pretty long but for a place like this, it is expected. It’s well worth the wait.

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