Skora Core: Final Test and Review

skoraI sprinted, I lifted, and I jogged in these Skora Core shoes and let’s just say “WOW”. I’ve always tried to run in shoes like the Nike Frees and other stability shoes and I was never a fan. There were a lot of reasons why I didn’t like them but the main one was Piriformis Syndrome. Some shoes irritated it more than others. Of course stretching and warming up properly can help minimize the flare ups but so far I notice that when I wear my soccer shoes whether it be indoor or outdoor my sciatic nerve took a lot longer to radiate pain. When I ran in the Skora Core it had the same effect as my soccer shoes, it may even be better.

With the Skora Core running shoes, I had to adjust my stride length since it felt very painful during foot strike. I had to shorten it and even though I was a little apprehensive at first it eventually felt very comfortable. By the end of my run I felt like I had the most successful run I ever had since I was in high school. I was tired but not the type of tired where it was due to the overcompensation of energy expended at holding my torso up because of the extreme back pain.Skora Core

After testing these shoes out in all of my favorite activities, I’m kind of blown away by these Skora running shoes. Of course if you’re trying out the minimalist running you should take your time and really go slow. These shoes can definitely help you learn the whole concept of barefeet running but I can’t stress enough how you should go into it with a little caution. In conclusion, these shoes are amazing and a must-have if you’re into barefeet training.


By: Kevin Khlom

3 thoughts on “Skora Core: Final Test and Review

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  2. Love my Skoras, wearing a pair of Phase right now 🙂 I’ve also dealt with piriformis/sciatica in the past, check out the video in my link…maybe you’ll experience some relief as well?


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