#Fat2Phat Day 2

Last time I was this sore was pre-season training before my high school soccer season. As I’m writing this blog my left quads are flexing due to some involuntary muscle spasms. Yes, that leg workout killed me and all I really want to do is go on a run with my new Skora Running shoes. Somebody recommended lifting in these so I’ll test that out tomorrow when I’m supposed to hit my lower body again but with an emphasis on my posterior chain.

As for yesterday’s training this is what it consisted of a partner program that looked like this:

Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

Decline Bench Press

Cable Tricep Pushdowns

Weighted Crunches

What this meant was our first set was a light warm up set that my friend Matt and I could do for 12 reps. after that we spotted each other and shot for 8 reps for every set while moving up weights every set, and then back down again after the third set. In my workout plan I’m really trying to emphasize strength so that’s why we haven’t been hitting a lot of isolation exercises yet.  Of course you always have to finish your workout with a stretch session to help prevent any future injuries.

By: Kevin @futbolnutPNW

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