#bacon2broccoli – Fail

The bacon glistened, wrapped around the steak that was charred on the outside but nice and juicy as she cut through it. This was torture. He smiled as slowly chewed on each bite, looking at me as if to mock me. In my hand was a kale salad with cucumbers, strawberries, and on the side was a bowl of Tofurkey that was supposed to taste like an Italian sausage but instead tasted like chili. It wasn’t that bad but the site of a person devouring bacon clawed at my emotions.

“I’m going to eat bacon and steak every day in front of you while you’re doing this vegetarian challenge.” – Friendcelerytofustirfry

Well to sum it up I lasted approximately 4 days and 3 hours while the whole experiment was supposed to last 2 months. It’s not my proudest moment as I sat there eating my steak, bean, and cheese burrito. This whole experiment made me realize quite a few things regarding “veganism”, “vegetarianism”, or any food-“isms”.steak cheese bean burrito

  • No matter any type of food-“ism” you choose to adopt by choice or due to health reasons, you should always respect everybody else’s food-“isms” no matter what your viewpoint is.
  • Adopt any type of food-“ism” you want but questioning why you adopt such a lifestyle will make it last longer and feel more rewarding.
  • There are A LOT of recipes out there so before you knock on a food-“ism”, try them first.
  • Kale is super versatileGluten free reuben

From now on #bacon2broccoli will take on a new focus and instead of writing about food-“ism” lifestyle experiments I’ll be writing about my transition back into a healthy lifestyle while enjoying all the different vegetarian dishes out there.

– Kevin

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