Killer Burger: Bacon on top of bacon, optional: more bacon

Some times you just have to find that balance. When you do find something that might help tip the scale in the right direction, it just so happens to tip it a little too much. What I’m talking about is finding that balance between fitness and that burger with double the bacon. On February 19th, 2014 I did just that.

Killer Burger is a small gourmet burger chain located all over Portland. The one I specifically went to is located on 510 SW 3rd Ave (& Washington). I’ve been here before a few months back, and every time I had another bacon burger I would compare it to this. I’m sure there could be better bacon burgers out there but it’s saying a lot when you use Killer Burger as your standard of comparison.

I ordered the Jose Mendoza which contains roasted green chilies, grilled onions, jack cheese and of course bacon (all burgers come standard with bacon). Of course we always have to order extra bacon. The burger had a “healthy” balance of all the flavors and at the same time the bacon is cooked perfectly (crispy). Finished the burger with an Old Fashion and after that you can say I was not only satisfied but it left me wondering:

1: What if I had bacon on the side on top of the extra bacon I ordered?

2: What it taste better with hot sauce (any kind)?

3: Do I have BBQ sauce on my shirt again?

4: I wonder when I can come back?

Darn you Killer Burger, you created a monster. On a slightly more serious note, for everybody just moving to Portland, OR or just passing through, stopping by Killer Burger is a must. Plus they have pinball machines in the back.

Killer Burger located on Washington St in Portland, OR

Killer Burger located on Washington St in Portland, OR

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