Yes, last week’s post was about macro-nutrients

A lot of people probably read last week’s post and recognize it as a basic approach to recording macro nutrients. They are absolutely correct. One of the reasons why I try not to pay attention to the small stuff like how much vitamin C I’m getting or how much omega-3’s is in each item is because when you let that happen it starts to take over everybody’s mindset of “healthy eating”. That’s not a good way to approach this as a lifestyle change. Some people can do it (count calories and micronutrients/macronutrients) on a daily basis but for most people, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Do yourself a favor and start off with paying attention to your macro nutrients. From here you’ll be able to learn what you’re putting in your body (and see how your body reacts to it) and start to stray away from that which to me is the whole point. You should be able to look at something and make an educated decision on whether it matches your healthy lifestyle or not.

There are a lot of articles and nutrition tips available out there. One thing that a lot of people don’t get is that they’re just tips and tricks that OTHER people use. You kind of have to find your own way to eat for fitness. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders out there took awhile to figure it out or they paid a nutritionist to figure it out for them. Most of us do not possess that luxury so you kind of have to learn as much as you can through trial and error and maybe even a little research. My favorite thing to check out is Fitness 360 at There are a lot of normal joes (who look amazing) or professional athletes on there who are willing to share a sample of their daily nutrition. Another great resource is your local gym. A lot of those personal trainers have a great understanding of nutrition and can help you along the way. Most of them also offer free sessions to start you off. If you don’t think they’re a great fit, there are plenty of other trainers who could fit you.

I hope this helps…

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